Wireless temperature and humidity system

Implements monitoring system to improve usability by monitoring temperature and humidity of the field,
including food, bio, semiconductor, etc.
Construct temperature/humidity monitoring system for each position
ex) Implement automated temperature record system to construct smart HACCP system
ex) Temperature/humidity analysis, data accumulation, statistics and plotting according to production defect frequency.
Support up to 255 transmitter units per receiver.
Increased channel due to ModBus RTU protocol.
Bluetooth supports up to 4 transmitter units per receiver.
long range communication due to 400M RF Module
Bluetooth has difficulty in communicating between floors due to 2.4G bandwidth
Connect with ERP, MES system
Can deliver usability information in various methods by communicating with ERP, MES system.
Support monitoring via mobile and SMS
Send realtime sernsor information to manager.
Wireless Temperature/Humidity Transmitter/Receiver Specification
FWTH-T01 (Temperature/Humidity Sensor Embedded)
frequency 424.7~424.95Mhz
RS232 serial cable
Basic Transmit Power Max. +18dBm
EDR Transmit Power Max. +6dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -118dBm@2400bps
transmission range : min. 100m, 1000m with antenna expansion
power 3.0V~3.6V
FWTH-R01 : FWTH-R01 (Supports RS232C)
frequency 424.7~424.95Mhz
general output power +18dBm
reception sensibility -118dBm@2400bps
reception range min. 100m, 1000m with antenna expansion
power 3.0V~3.6V
temperature and humidity sensor