The "iPlusMES" is a system that builds a production-oriented process and
enables profit creation through real-time statistical analysis and visualization on the production floor.
Key features of "iPlusMES "
Enhanced manufacturing traceability for management
LOT traceability and raw material lot traceability based on product BOM through LOT generation and movement, and consumption management.
Support for complex C/S management processes
Product warranty management, product installation and usage information management, MTBF and MTTR calculation, and failure analysis and type analysis
Integration with barcode and RFID smart tags
All transfer vouchers in the manufacturing site are generated by barcode for accurate identification, and product and asset movement are managed by applying RFID
Real-time monitoring and visualization of process progress by order
Systematic management through information systems when workers and customers visit, and monitoring system integration for showroom construction.
Work standard history management
Support for customized formats of work standards in various formats, and change history management and work monitoring functions.
Automatic creation of requests linked to groupware
Automatic creation of requests such as purchase requests, purchase orders, and corrective action requests that occur in business units, and integration with groupware approval processes.
Specialty areas of "iPlusMES"
We specialize in providing optimized business processes for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the fields of materials, parts, equipment, as well as biotech, beauty, and food. Our services include intelligent business solutions combining AI with data analysis and a visualized integrated management information system.
Process concept diagram of "iPlusERP"
"The ""iPlusERP"" provides a process concept that models the CEO's core improvement tasks to derive the best TO-BE process. Our solution also visualizes the unit process flowchart and integrates it into the information system menu to provide a comprehensive understanding of the smart factory's construction history across the organization."
Automated Manufacturing Information System
We offer a web-based solution for integrated management of small and medium-sized businesses, based on our years of experience
Visualized Dashboard Systematic