Wireless locating system

The F1SOFT has developed indoor locating system IoTAG which utilizes the most precise indoor locating technology, UWB and interface with various domain's information system.
IoTAG is a realtime wireless location tracking platform with high indoor precision for places with GPS connection adversaries such as building, subway, school, underground parking lot.
Iotag Specification
Smart Tag
Applied technology UWB / Time of Flight
Size 40mm*60mm 40mm*80mm
BatteryCR2AA 2EA
lifespan 1.5 year 3 year
Precision >50cm
Anchor (receiver)
Applied technology UWB / Time of Flight
Size 125mm*87mm
Communication BLE
Power source PoE
LOS range Maximum 50m
Application of IoTAG and utilization of wireless big data Developing sensor locating system fused with AI
The F1SOFT is developing fine locating system not only based on sensor, but also merged with AI. Locating technology plays a huge role on technologies that deals with real world's coordinates or merges reality and virtual reality, such as digital twin, AR and VR.
Application and utilization
IoTAG is a realtime locating system with low introduction price, high precision(>0.5m), low power usage(max. lifespan 3yrs) made fit for various field conditions.