Implementation service of
AI FACTORY based on manufacturing data

F1Soft provides an implementation service for AI FACTORY, in order to assist companies worldwide in successfully resolving significant challenges.

From building AI training data to machine vision
- AI platform business

We offer a collection/processing/refinement platform to create highly reliable
AI datasets and build an intelligent machine vision platform.

Advanced Smart Factory through customer-optimized ERP, MES, SCM/SRM solutions

We offer smart factory solutions for web and mobile environments and maximize work
efficiency by collecting/analyzing big data using various IoT.

F1soft, a DX specialist company
based on AI Factory and Digital Twin

We provide customers with optimal solutions through information systems,
AI platforms, and digital twin simulation systems.

Evolution of Smart Tag platform for location
tracking and logistics management, IoTag

IoTag is a smart tag that can be applied in various fields,
such as logistics intelligence and safety management intelligence, by utilizing UWB wireless data platform.



Discover the various product solutions and services accumulated by F1soft, which have become essential in smart factories with AI.


We are creating leading-edge technologies through continuous research and development as well as construction experience.